These links are for organisations in Edinburgh and the Lothians, with National organisations linked in and a couple of places in Southern Italy and Southern Spain, if you’d like to get away from it all.

Edinburgh and Lothian Resources

General Resources

Integrative Training

The Pellin Institute. The Pelling Institute is the work of Peter Fleming. Peter is the eldest Gestaltist in the UK, having worked at Lake Cowichan in Vancouver Island, with Fritz Perls and other pioneer Gestalt practitioners. Peter then went onto work with Dave Pellin, who developed some of the main ideas in Contribution Training. Peter works in London and Agropoli, on the beautiful Amalfi coast on the bay of Naples. He named Pellin after his friend mentor and inspiration.

Rest and Recuperation

  • The Pellin Institute – rest in the supportive environment of Pellin in the beautiful amalfi coast.
  • Cortijo Romero – attend one of the courses in this beautiful holiday centre or simply rest there and experience the beauty of the Sierra Nevadas. A great way to recharge your batteries.