Managing anxiety, depression and stress

Depression is a need disorder. It is caused because our need is generally not being met, overtime this can become chronic an prolonged. Resulting in low mood, poor sleep, low energy levels. We work with the client to identfy those needs that have not been met and are most pressing for the individual. Depression requires action to meet needs and once that happens, the depression gradually lifts.

Stress in the appropriate quantities is essential for growth and emotional health, however once we are faced with something that we can’t control, whether it be our jobs, relationships or other circumstance it can lead to us becoming overwhelmed with stress. The flight and fight reflex constantly flooding us with hormones that are not acted upon can over time, become too stressful, leaving us feeling burnt out and depleted. At this point a non-specific anxiety can begin to affect us.

Counselling and Coaching can help us take control of those challenges we face and eliminate those that we don’t want to face. We are given tools techniques and insight to more back into a more tolerable healthy level of stress and manageable anxiety.