Useful Books

The following books may be of some assistance, to give you support whilst waiting to see one of our experienced Therapists.  They categories are in the main, laid out in easy to follow language and offer a useful insight into each of the topic areas. All costs are indicative only.

Anger Management


  • On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross £7 (amazon)
  • Living Our Dying: A Way to the Sacred in Everyday Life by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross £5 (amazon)

Career Crisis

  • Man’s Search for Meaning: Viktor Frankl £6.50
  • The Motivated Mind: Dr Raj Persaud £7 (amazon)
  • The Pellin Institute Manual – Peter Fleming, the Pellin Institute: £10


  • Depression – Dorothy Rowe £9.50 (amazon), this is an excellent introduction to a troublesome condition, it is informative and empowering.
  • Churchill’s Black Dog and other Phenomena of the Human Mind: Anthony Storr £6.50 (amazon)
  • Learned Optimism – How to Change Your Mind and Your Life: Martin Seligman £6 (amazon)


  • Dibs in Search of Self: Virginia M. Axline £5 (amazon), probably the most warm and insightful guide to relationships and childhood around.
  • Peoplemaking: Virginia Satir £7 (amazon)
  • Families and How to Survive them: Robin Skynner; John Cleese and Bud Handelsman £6 (amazon) a witty and useful insight into Family life.

Love and Relationships

  • The Art of Loving: Erich Fromm £7 (amazon), this is a classic on Love and ways of relating.
  • The Prophet: Kahlil Gibran £5.50 (amazon), an excellent uplifting spiritual guide, and excellent on love.
  • Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain: Sue Gerhardt £9.50 (amazon), a useful guide into why Love matters for the very young.


  • Self Esteem: Virginia Satir £9 (amazon)
  • Self Esteem Bible: Build Your Confidence Day by Day: Gael Lindenfield £6.50 (amazon)
  • When I say no, I feel Guilty: Manuel J. Smith £5 amazon)

Prepared and supplied by William Harkins, with our thanks.